Freedom, Innovation and Change: The International Dimension.

A couple of years ago I was invited to contribute a chapter to a book being put together by Mary Hayden from Bath University. It will be published later this year by Routledge, but I can share my chapter with you now.
It is a mildly provocative discussion on change in international independent schools.

Have a look.

It is here.


2 thoughts on “Freedom, Innovation and Change: The International Dimension.

  1. Great article Chris, very easy to read & positively uplifting.
    I remember you giving Y11 at IS the decision on whether to wear uniform for the remainder of the year, their decision was insightful.
    in terms of asking what people want (ie getting buy in) there may be a disconnect between “what I theoretically want to experience” and “what I think that looks like in reality” from all parties (parents, teachers & students). – this is particularly true of accrediting bodies & school group operators. It’s in the gap of interpretation between cognition and action that change occurs.


  2. Thanks Daniel,
    I think for all sorts of reasons there is a gap between what we think people think and what they actually think as well. I agree the change occur in thse gaps.


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