Change Leadership

harrow_schoo_1862How do we lead change in an inherently conservative organisation like a school?

This page contains links to articles about and example of change in schools.

A word about the author’s context. In considering high functioning International Schools, the changes that one would want to drive may be different from schools in other situations. We are not looking, here, at failing schools. Nor are we looking at schools that are controlled by government restraints. We are concerned with schools that are, by most measures, doing very well but want to do even better, and with schools that have the freedom of movement to make their own decisions. That having been said, I would be strongly tempted to suggest that the issues in any school are equivalent; analogous at the very least and possibly even the same. Certainly the general principles of the change process, if not specific content are the same. However these sections restrict the examples to the experiences of the author, which are drawn from high functioning International Schools.

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Why Change

Traditional ideas on change

The Zen Method

The Uncertainty Principle



Knowing the audience

A Prezi