What is this site about?

This site is a collection of thought, ideas and experiences in education. You will find musings on the current state of aspects of education, and on some of the popular current trends in education. You will find ideas and experiences of things that I have seen or helped put in place or just thought might be good ideas.

Why am I doing this? Well, I engage in many discussions about what we do in schools and why we do it. Sometimes I hear things I love and want to publicise. Sometimes I hear things that appear to be complete rubbish, and I would like to say why. I have been engaged in several changes in schools that I believe are exciting and interesting. Reading about them may help you to create your own changes.

I would never suggest copying my experiences. You need to create your own in the environment in which you work. Our solution is not your solution because our situation and problems are not yours either. There is no universal answer, however much people who sell systems or desire conformity like to think. There are, however, ways you can approach your own situation to find your own answers. This site may perhaps help you.

After many years in this business, I have failed and succeeded in implementing change many times. My learning from these experiences has led me to some clear thoughts about how to give myself the best chance of success over failure. If this helps you, the I will be very happy! Most of my ideas are extremely moderate, and the humour is carefully anonymised  I hope I do not cause offence, but if I do feel free to email me at christopher.binge@gmail.com and we can have a blazing row..

If you are interested in teaching Maths, or have a Maths department with some open minded members, then visit or direct them to my other site www.mathsthoughts.com