Alice Introduction and resources


Salvador Dali


These stories have been written over a number of years and respond to some of the things I have heard or seen in my journey around International Education. They are intended to be provocative and amusing. At the end of each chapter are some questions that I use to provoke discussion when I read the stories in a workshop setting.

The presentation I use also contains some excellent illustrations of Alice from a number of different artists from Tenniel to Dali and Steadman. There is also some Alice related music from Jefferson Airplane, to Avril Lavigne via Tom Waits. The special treat in chapter 5, or is it 4 is some pictures from Suman Vaze that have nothing to do with Alice!

Illustration Ralph Steadman




The presentation is here (posted by popular demand). Probably download to see it. Let the frames run for about 5 minutes each if you want to see the pictures. The text is not there but here. And, in true Alice style the chapter numbering is different on the presentation from the website.

There is a gallery of even more illustrations from a wide number of artists including all those in the presentation. The gallery is to be found here. When I read these in a workshop, those who are bored can at least look at the pictures which flick past them.

Not all the music I use in the workshops are on Spotify, but the first four of these are are. The others are also fun and they are all in the presentation.

  • Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit”
  • Tom Waits “Alice”
  • Shinedown “Her Name is Alice”
  • Avril Lavigne “Alice”
  • Robert Smith “Very Good Advice”
  • Franz Ferdinand “Lobster Quadrille”
  • Family Force 5 “Topsy Turvy”

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